Forty years of biomechanical research and hundreds of in-depth conversations with runners led us to a new era of bras. Meet the run bra.


The Dare and Drive Collections

Dare Holds You In

Made with built-in molded cups to hold you in and reduce motion, the Dare Collection features a seamless design to free you from uncomfortable distractions like chafing.

Drive Moves with You

Designed with flexible fabric that hugs your body for comfortable compression to reduce breast motion, the Drive Collection also offers coverage options like removable cups.

Uniquely Designed
for Runners

Run-ready support

Brooks Run Bras reduce breast motion and provide
comfort across a wide range of sizes. We call it run-
ready support.

No more chafing

Lightweight materials and an innovative hidden
bottom band act like a second skin to reduce

Multiple sizes and styles

Comfort and support come in a wide range of sizes,
from A-FF.