Designing a better
run, one step at a

We want to understand the runner
from head to toe and back again. Because
everything we learn can help you run
longer, faster, and happier. Our gear and
shoe science begins with dozens of
experts and ends with thousands of
runners like you. When lab coats and
tank tops come together, it’s a beautiful

First, we hit the lab

Our scientists partner with researchers around the world to study how the body moves when you run, from upper body rotation down to ankle movement. Then we take that hard-won knowledge and put it at the center of our gear design.

Then we ask another set of experts: you.

We interview thousands of runners to find out what they want and need. Other runners push our gear to the limit over hundreds of miles, offering crucial insights along the way. Because after all, the final test is whether it makes you happy.

Ready for more nerd talk?

See how our work takes your run to the next level.

Run Signature

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BlueLine Lab

Check out the lab where we take “what-ifs” and make them reality.

Footwear technology

Learn what groundbreaking shoes are made of—from heel to toe.

Apparel technology

Find out how our gear is cut from a different cloth.

Run bra technology

Discover how our bras deliver support and comfort specifically for runners.

See our history of innovation

Leisure suits may not have survived the seventies, but our ideas about running sure did.